Understand: Be Understood.


Southworth Group exists to help our clients obtain market dominance. As you explore our site you will see that we believe in the power of branding as the key component of any successful company. A successful brand maintains a unique position in the hearts and minds of all who touch it. It seems to have a magical power that is at times hard to quantify. But we have developed a methodology that turns planning and science into the magic you need.

We provide our clients a full compliment of strategic services including:

  • Management consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative design
  • Public Relations and Reputation management
  • Branding and Positioning

Our priority is to help your business grow. We use the right tools at the right time to achieve market dominance.

What You Can Expect.

First, we acknowledge that strategic thinking is what we are about. Not an ad. Not a logo. Not a list of tactics. Those are tactical executions and that makes them in the realm of commodities to be evaluated subjectively or worse yet, based on price.

We tell the truth. We suppress the excitement at having a revenue-potential client at the table and focus on the product realty, competitive strengths and weaknesses, organization problems, issues and how ones brand effect the performance.

We look past the “daily special” on the menu to offer what the client wants, not what a company may have in inventory. We solve the client’s brand problem by thinking through every aspect of a brand equation.

We focus on our client’s customer. We avoid the product attribute discussion that our clients may want to execute. Building a great brand begins with an understanding of your customer needs. Too often execution panders to internal audience’s versus strategic insight about the end-user. We consistently resist this temptation.

We build relationships from the vantage point where thinking, insights and disciplined approaches enable our client’s brand to realize full potential in unique and meaningful ways across every point of touch.

It is actually rather simple. It begins with a proven approach.