Understand: Be Understood.

Brand Immersion

Understanding Your Brand Objectives…Important Questions That Need Answers

The Southworth Group employs a proven methodology called BrandSurround™ to help our clients achieve the most from their brand.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what BrandSurround™ is and the services we offer to meet your brand/positioning objectives.

There are at least three important questions that need to be addressed when presenting or assessing your brand:
1. Why should your brand be chosen versus those in the growing field of competitors?
2. More importantly, why should they choose it now?
3. Most importantly, how do you assure they adopt and continuously come back to your brand?

To answer these and other important questions we employ senior level consulting services and use our proprietary Immersion process that touches the “entire organization”, not just trade press and internal staff, but EVERONE that touches your brand.

The following shows our process:


By following a proven methodology we employ the following:

We learn what is your brand and what it is NOT.
We talk to everyone…we’ll separate the fluff from the realities of what your brand really is vs. what you may believe it is. Then we’ll devise a plan for positioning your brand, where it needs to be and achieve the business goals you need to achieve.
We’ll create a visual identity to assure all your creative assets are aligned and reinforce your brand experience. This includes standards and guidelines for everyone that touched your brand.
Once we know what it is we are striving for with the new brand, we’ll conduct brand immersion and enculturation training to put the new brand to work.
Lastly, we’ll stay with you as your brand grows and migrates to assure we are always on message and on target with the present and the future needs of your business and brand.